June 19, 2017

Dealing with the next era of my life. Coping with the hardships of oppression and rising beyond the underdog status. Ingesting the reality I face everyday.

June 13, 2016

Mid Term madness in Advance 3-D Animation. lol!Angel 3d Character.

October 8, 2015

“Frustrated with the death of his dead brother, a young man and his friends experience the afterlife with the almighty, groovy Mr. G.”


6 Males

  1. I. Maurice (African American Male, (mid 20s)

  2. II. Tyson (African American Male, (early – mid 20s)

  3. III. Pete (Afric...

July 26, 2014

I have learned more techniques and observation tactics when drawing still life, landscapes and living things/people.  My knowledge has expounded and I am learning more each day.  Thank you all for your on going support.


January 13, 2014

This is an Illustration I did of one of my best friends. Anthony D Medina, it looks like an Grand Theft Auto game profile pic. lol!

January 13, 2014

Painting I designed the day before I start the semester back in college. 

I used gauche paint on acrylic genuine/medium texture canvas. 

January 13, 2014

This is a self identity portrait/design of me. This represent my interpretation of living in a so call free nation. In short my existence of being free is a lie. I am a African American living with demands and expectations of people and myself. No way in any fashion do...

December 19, 2013

This is a reproduction of one of my older beloved sister, Christeney Woodall.  I design this is Photoshop.  Hope you guys like.

December 11, 2013

This is a design a created in my Digital Foundations class.  I enjoy fantasy creatures and angelic beings.  I enjoy being in the clouds with my imaginations and exploring difference things.

November 10, 2013

Post something if you like.  Just snippets of me painting in gouche.

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