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Enslaved Freedom

This is a self identity portrait/design of me. This represent my interpretation of living in a so call free nation. In short my existence of being free is a lie. I am a African American living with demands and expectations of people and myself. No way in any fashion do I feel free in real life,; so I try to escape my disappointments with video games and other cyber escapes. At times I play these games online with other people, and they destroy my experiences in my escape world. My ethnicity and my cultural origins stereotype/dictate what I should be as a man. My every step is already defined before I was born. This society, this world is a confinement and the vessel my spirit inhabits is my cell. I yearn to fly away from this Hell hole but to where? This frightens me as well.. I don't know where to turn or where to fly to because there is no definite answer. People say look to religion, to Christianity for these answers, but these religions keeps me bound too. I don't feel free when I try to nominate or identify myself to these religions. It gives me a since of structure but for a price.......

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