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"Where is My Brother"

“Frustrated with the death of his dead brother, a young man and his friends experience the afterlife with the almighty, groovy Mr. G.”

6 Males

  1. I. Maurice (African American Male, (mid 20s)

  2. II. Tyson (African American Male, (early – mid 20s)

  3. III. Pete (African American Male, (mid – late 20s or early 30s)

  4. IV. Gabe (African American Male, (early 20s)

  5. V. Ice Cream Man (early – mid 20s)

  6. VI. Groovy Mr. G aka God (early – late 30s or early 40s)

1 Female

  1. I. Kesha (mid 20s)


Need Three Females for Angel Babes role. (Possibly just need voice for animation piece)

Open Casting Call

Sunday, October 11, 2015

12pm– 3pm


Saturday, October 17, 2015

12pm– 3pm

Sunday, October 18, 2015

12pm– 3pm


Memphis College of Art

1930 - Poplar Ave

Memphis, TN 38104

Callicott Auditorium

For more details or to schedule other times possibly

Jabriel E Woodall (J.E.W Graphics Production)

Message me on my Facebook page: search my name

Cell: 901-550-0237


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